Everyday Nutrition/Weight Management/Oncology

This package consists of a 50-minute consultation, followed by five or six, or many more, 50- minute sessions going over primary foods and intuitive eating, nutrition knowledge, while providing tools and steps tailored to your personal goals.

During this time we will make upgrades to your current diet and lifestyle; the purpose being to rid your body of toxins, while replenishing your body with good nutrition and filling deficiencies. Deeply Rooted is invested in identifying the root cause of health issues – not simply treating symptoms – the goal being to reset your body allowing for lasting positive changes to occur.

I will create a customized plan, applicable to your lifestyle, going hand in hand with your goals and desires in order to achieve a thriving body.

Consultation $55.

Session $90.

3 Months: 6 sessions in person or via phone, email/contact support 480.

Healthy Little Ones

This is for those parents who would like to improve upon their child’s health. Perhaps your child struggles with weight, food allergies or is simply a picky eater. Maybe you want to ensure your child is getting the adequate nutrients, perhaps you are interested in cooking tips and meal ideas. We will work together to develop a personalized program for your child, conducive to your lifestyle and needs, helping your child become as healthy and happy as possible.

Consultation $55.

Session $90.

3 Months: 6 sessions in person or via phone, email/contact support $480.

Day-by-Day Nutrition

For those clients who perhaps do not need a package option or who simply prefer to go session-by-session. This includes one 90-minute monthly session to review your current health status and what your current health and nutrition goals are. Following the session you will receive email/phone support to answer any questions you may have as you implement/maintain positive change in your diet and lifestyle.

This option is generally for people who have already done work with Deeply Rooted or another practitioner. This is for those who may need a little extra boost getting back on track, support feeling comfortable and capable managing a healthy lifestyle on their own, or guidance to maintain their goals. Perhaps you need a little push getting your health to the top and a monthly session is just what you need.

Consultation & Session $120.

*Group sessions based upon desire.
*Appointments can be done in person, via phone or Skype.