More than ever before our world needs positive transformations in the area of health and wellness, as we are living in a time where heart disease, cancer, diabetes and food allergies are growing faster than we know how to deal with. Deeply Rooted is devoted to nutrition and wellness, most specifically as it pertains to moms and babies. Bringing new lives into the world in the healthiest and safest way possible is of utmost importance. It is my goal to help change the perspective of how people view food and nutrition, moving it into a positive light as a tool to health, well-being and even in creating new lives.

While so many people focus on counting calories, and restricting “bad” foods, the vision behind Deeply Rooted is to provide clients with the knowledge and capability to create happier, healthier lives in a wholesome way that is conducive to ones individual lifestyle.

It is not simply about food. Elements that nourish other than food are also critical, including honest and open relationships, a meaningful spiritual practice, a career that inspires,and physical activity that is enjoyable. By creating a balance in ones life between the many aspects that feed our bodies and souls, it creates an environment in which one can thrive, goals can be achieved, and maintained for the long term.

Deeply Rooted incorporates a unique twist of clinical aspects of health and nutrition along with predominant theories encompassing the many areas that contribute to who we are.  The ultimate desire of Deeply Rooted Nutrition being to help people obtain their individual goals in order to feel their absolute best.